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How Does The Coronavirus Crisis Affect The Web Positioning Of Companies?

The situation in which we find ourselves due to the global coronavirus pandemic is having a great impact, not only on public health, but also on the economy. Many companies have had to close, and in many cases that have not, they are losing sales by leaps and bounds. Although this is a temporary crisis, at Pro Brand Zone we have already seen great changes in our clients’ online marketing strategies.

Keep in mind that web positioning has been greatly affected by the situation. Forced to stay at home, users are interested in topics like COVID-19 , are looking for entertainment to spend time at home, and have had to adapt to new habits due to confinement.

This translates, on the one hand, into a notable change in Internet searches that can lead to loss of position in some cases. On the other hand, businesses are no longer earning revenue and it is time to make important decisions regarding digital marketing.

What Steps Do Businesses Take Regarding SEO?

We see how many companies, especially small ones, decide to cut expenses and choose to paralyze the SEO positioning service that they have hired. It is understandable if we think about the tremendous crisis they are currently experiencing. However, if we consider that SEO is a long-term strategy Paralyzing it now can have very negative consequences for the future, since all the positioning work carried out so far is lost. Continuing to work on it may be the best decision to be correctly positioned when this temporary situation in which we find ourselves passes. The thing to keep in mind is that while all this lasts, visits and sales will not be the same as the previous year during the same time of year.

In other cases, we have seen a change in strategy when positioning the company in Google . We refer in this case to businesses that have seen some of their services strengthened due to the crisis, and that have decided to slightly change their strategy to seek a better position in Google. For example, pest elimination, disinsection and disinfection companies have seen how their cleaning and disinfection service is especially important at the moment, and their content and SEO strategy is now focused on positioning and promoting this service.

In addition, taking into account the change of routine and life of the users while the confinement lasts, there are many businesses that have opted to change their web positioning , and try to scale positions in the search engine with content that offer special value. What are users looking for now? Beyond the topic that concerns us, searches are now directed to entertainment content, activities to exercise at home, activities related to entertaining the little ones, topics such as telecommuting, online training, cooking, etc., in Definitively, things that can make the home stay more pleasant and bearable for the whole family.

How Should Businesses Approach This Crisis?

Each business has a specific situation that can lead to a different solution. What it is, is to look beyond the current situation and the coronavirus crisis, and carefully evaluate what strategy to follow, what services are essential, and what will be the future consequences of making certain decisions.

There are services that are directly affected by the situation, especially those seeking results of conversions and short-term return on investment. In contrast to this, there are other services such as social networks or SEO, which have long-term objectives, and which can adapt and turn their strategy in times of crisis to improve the image of the brand and offer added value. to users. Also keep in mind that it is not good to position and relate the brand with negative terms such as ” coronavirus “, ” crisis ” or ” pandemic“, for example. Organic positioning, in addition, we must measure and work with the competitive advantage that can be acquired once web traffic returns to normal and the crisis ends.